Scotland Cay, Surrounded By Fun In The Sun

This small island is part of the Great Abaco Islands. The Abaco islands are elevated and protected by the third-largest barrier reef in the world, giving them conducive weather for vacationing all year long.

Treasure Cay Home For Sale

Treasure Cay

Just 13 miles from the island, Treasure Cay is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches. The two resorts available here are the Treasure Cay Resort and Marina and the Bahama Beach Club.

At the Treasure Cay Resort and Marina, you’ll find Spinnakers Restaurant, an excellent restaurant offering a wide range of island cuisines from lobster tail to delicious conch chowder.

Alternatively, you can go play golf at the resort’s 18-hole course, sunbathe at their crescent beach, or shop around the boutiques for some antiques.

Green Turtle Cay

As the name suggests, this small island is home to thousands of green turtles. It can only be accessed via boat or ferry from Scotland Cay, Exuma.

The island is known for its beaches and full-service hotel resorts with boat marinas, making it a popular destination for wedding venues. For vacationers, it has plenty to offer including the Annual Green Turtle Heritage Festival in May and the Albert Lowe Museum which showcases the ruins of the ancient New Plymouth village.

Green Turtle Cay Home For Sale
Elbow Cay Home For Sale

Elbow Cay

Just 10 miles from the island, Elbow Cay is an 8-mile-long island that offers a quiet retreat from the mainstream tourist activities in the Bahamas with its rich local culture.

The narrow island streets can only be accessed by foot or bike, giving it an authentic island feel. Elbow Cay offers a range of fun activities like spearfishing and surfing. What’s more, you can explore Tahiti Beach, Sugar Sand Beach, and Hope Town Historic Lighthouse for a breathtaking view of the crystal-clear water.

Great Guana Cay

The Great Guana Cay is a long and narrow islet that’s located in the center of the Abaco Islands, just 1.5 miles from Scotland Cay. The 7-mile long island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs that you just can’t get enough of.

You’ll also find a variety of exotic marine wildlife like the loggerhead sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtles, white-tailed tropical birds, white-crowned pigeons, and so much more.

Great Guana Cay Home For Sale
Marsh Harbor Home For Sale

Marsh Harbour

Just 8 miles from Scotland Cay, Marsh Harbour offers its tourists a range of services not available in most of the neighboring islands including laundries, specialty shops, travel agencies, bookstores, and more. This is the best place to meet and interact with the locals and get to experience the true Bahamian culture from them.

You can also reserve a day or two to kayak and adventure in the Marls on guided trips.

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